If you wish to ensure a reservation for table(s) or a venue for your group, it is also possible to contact the caterer directly via phone or email (in German or English) to receive information about availability and menus:

– For reservations in the Schlosscafé located in the cellar of the castle (capacity: up to 50 people), contact email berger-baeckerei@gmx.de / +49 (0)171-2337286
– For reservation of one of our chalets on the castle grounds for your event (capacity: up to 150 people), contact email almdorf-merode@csi-catering.de / +49 (0)152/19215595

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call us on +49 2423/4080340 and +49 2423/4639 or by email info@weihnachtsmarkt-merode.de and Sekretariat.merode@gmail.com