This was how people described Merode castle, the Renaissance-castle with medievel fundaments in the community of Langerwehe near Aachen.

But a catastrophe has overcome this wonderful place. In the morning of the 19th of June 2000 a fire destroyed the entire roof and two of the towers, tons of water have been poured over the castle. Almost all of the furniture, paintings and books have been destroyed or seriously damaged and walls, lofts and interim floors have been socked with water.

The castle has become uninhabitable for years and the renovation process will swallow millions. Silent faces with tears in their eyes have witnessed the tragedy. But soon the shock of the people from the village and the region has developed into a wave of helpfulness to stand by the seven-headed family of Prince and Princess Charles-Louis and Clotilde de Merode in the first time after the tragedy. As already after the bombardement during the 2nd world war they have given the Merode family the confidence for their decision: Merode castle will be rebuilt.

The Victoria-insurance and the Provincial-insurance have been showing themselves generously. But after the first cleaning up the work of collecting donations must begin to really be able to reconstruct everything.
Everybody can help to bring back Merode castle to the cultural heritage between Düren and Aachen in its entire beauty.